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C# Using Moq to mock out parameters on a void method

It has been a long time since I posted any article on my blog. Today presented an interesting scenario where I wanted to mock out a void method that accepted out parameters. The void method does not explicitly return anything but implicitly modify the parameters so there has to be a callback method attached. Normally, … Continue reading

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  • If you take a UML book and as you go on reading, you will get to a point where the author says something like .. "Hey, it is upto you to decide what to draw in order to communicate your solution with the concerned parties." Often in practice however, the concerned parties in our equation are the ones requesting for a specific diagram. This may not sound like a problem but on on one such instance a fellow team member was asked to present a class diagram for a batch processing application when in fact a combination of class diagram and either a sequence diagram or an activity diagram with less emphasis on the class diagram would present a clearer window to visualizing the solution. Of course, it might have been just a figure of speech.. "I need a class diagram.. meaning some sort of diagram.. for me to understand what you've been upto."
  • Why do people ask for high level estimation when the feedback for this actually becomes the not-so-tentative or not-a-ball-park estimation? (Rhetorical question)
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